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Kazpost JSC is a Kazakhsatan postal operator, which represents Kazakhstan's postal administration in the Universal Postal Union being one of the basic elements of the national infrastructure.

Kazpost JSC provides a wide range of postal, financial, brokerage, agency, electronic services. Kazpost JSC has the greatest branch network in the country, covering almost the entire territory of Kazakhstan, especially at the level of regional and rural areas. Postal network is an effective tool for the promotion of e-commerce, transport and logistics services, financial services for business and population.

Kazpost JSC is liable for ensuring the economic, social, environmental stability, providing public services throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Being aware of its responsibility to contribute to the Company's sustainable development, Kazpost JSC assumes obligations on the socially responsible interaction with all stakeholders. Kazpost JSC's advantage is that the Company is represented in the most remote areas of the country, and under the current circumstances the post offices will be the center of economic activity in rural areas, and the leadership of Kazpost JSC makes every effort for that end.

The Company is in the active process of modernization and transition to qualitative services provision, which means not only improvement of services but also the technical, operational, technological, informational updates of postal network. Kazpost JSC supports initiatives aimed at increase of its participation in government programs and development projects of Samruk-Kazyna JSC. The interest to Kazpost JSC's development is expressed at the highest level, which requires a special responsibility to treat the task set.


To encourage the development of a modern digital society on the basis of an effective ecosystem giving customers the opportunity to receive postal, logistics, financial and agent services in a quick and reliable manner.


To become a leader in the provision of comprehensive high-quality postal, logistics, financial and digital services.

The history of Kazakhstan post

Postal History of Kazakhstan includes three main stages of development of postal services in the territory of our state: the pre-revolutionary, soviet and independent (from 1991).

The post emerged as a tool for information transfer and the state management and only later it became available to the general public. In 1860 the first post office was opened in Verny (Almaty), which soon was transformed into a post and telegraph office, which in 1883 had 14 subordinated post offices.

In the USSR, from 1924 till 1991 Kazakh SSR Post was an integral part of the unified Soviet system of communication and in the republic postage fees were paid using the Soviet Union's stamps.

The Great Patriotic War has set difficult and responsible task before the Post - provide reliable regular communications in the army in the rear, between the front and rear under any environmental conditions. Particular difficulties in the beginning of the war arose because of a large number of skilled telecommunications workers were drafted into the army.

In March 1946, the Commissioner of the People's Сommunications Commissariat of the USSR under the CPC of the Kazakh SSR was renamed to the Commissioner of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR under the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR. In 1950 there were already 2438 postal companies in the country (in 2083 - in rural areas). On December 25, 1954 the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR was transformed into the Ministry of Communications of the Kazakh SSR, postal and electrical communication formed a single area - "Communication" as a part of this ministry. Since the mid-60s Kazakhstan had more than 4,000 operating post offices with a full range of postal services. During this period the republican postal communication was unprofitable, but industry profits was mainly directed at the development of telecommunications. The bulk revenue was provided by the delivery of pensions and the provision of telegraph and telephone services. The dramatic change in the situation in the industry occurred when Kazakhstan acquired independence and sovereignty. In these circumstances the Kazakh Post (as well as all sectors of the economy) faced with difficulties and problems associated with the liberalization of prices in a period of radical changes in the country economy and the violation of a coherent system of postal services of the former Soviet Union.

Kazakhstan gained independence in December 1991 and immediately started the arrangement of its own post. The period of 1999-2000 was difficult for Kazakh Post when was the transition to joint-stock companies, since the transformation covered all the activities of the postal industry. The transition from state control to a form of joint-stock companies moved the field to self-financing, the production of an independent policy of external borrowing for the modernization of material and technical base, design of strategic directions of development aimed at strengthening the company's position in the market, including detailed diversification of activities and new niches gaining.

Currently Kazpost JSC is the sole shareholder (100% share) of the company Kazpost LLC (Germany).

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On the site post.kz you can find the index of any cities in Kazakhstan. Postal codes of Kazakhstani cities are Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Uralsk, Shymkent, Semey, Turkestan, Taldykorgan, Taraz, Kyzylorda, Kostanay, Ekibastuz, Rudny, Kokshetau, Temirtau, Petropavlovsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Other cities, districts, urban-type settlements and villages also have their own indexes, which you can find on the website www.post.kz. Kazpost postal code is a sequence of letters or numbers added to the postal address in order to facilitate sorting of correspondence and parcels, including automatic. It is assigned by the national postal operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Kazpost JSC. You can find the postal code of any building in Kazakhstan by simply entering the name of the settlement (city, region, urban-type settlement or village, for example) in the search field. Postal code search is a convenient service. Look for postal code on Post.kz!


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