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Development strategy

The rapidly growing Internet penetration and development of technologies pose both threats and opportunities for Kazpost's business. The traditional postal business model is becoming obsolete and replaced by new, more flexible business models. Based on a thorough analysis of the best international experience, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of Kazpost, the Company in its new strategy focuses on three key development priorities:

1.digital transformation; 2. creating an ecosystem for e-commerce; 3. organizational transformation.

These areas are interconnected, digital transformation is a response to the global digitalization trend, which will ensure the development of an ecosystem for e-commerce and carry out organizational transformation. The creation and successful development of new business segments such as e-commerce requires a market-oriented management model in order to ensure low costs and access to external financing.

The main goals of the strategic initiatives are to use new opportunities for postal operators and to increase the adaptability of Kazpost to modern market conditions. At the same time, the business, which is the basis of Kazpost's activities today, remains in the company's portfolio and will develop in the future.

In the segment of postal services, an important factor is the need to maintain a mandatory set of basic universal postal services that will remain accessible to all residents of the country. The task of the Company is to ensure the provision of these services in the most efficient way, while increasing their quality. Strategic initiatives for digital transformation and operational excellence will help meet this challenge. At the same time, given the downward trend in demand and regulated tariffs for basic services, this activity is expected to remain unprofitable.

Kazpost already maintains separate accounting records, allowing for the assessment of losses from socially significant but commercially unattractive work in rural areas. On this basis, Kazpost has the opportunity to negotiate with the Government on the issues of subsidizing such activities. It is important that the subsidies are predictable over a horizon of at least five years.

In the segment of financial and agency services, the Company will continue to work to improve efficiency, relying on the effects of digital transformation and operational excellence. Interaction with second-tier banks will continue based on the Company's striving to be a "showcase" for all financial institutions, giving banks the opportunity to work through Kazpost, and the Company's clients - to work with any bank of their choice. The development of a hypermarket of services using the post.kz platform and other steps within the digital transformation will provide Kazpost with the necessary technical capabilities. With regard to insurance services, Kazpost will continue to operate under an agency scheme, including through a hypermarket of services. This will provide a wide range of services for clients, as well as enable the Company to develop its competencies in this market. In the future, the Company will study the applicability of foreign experience (in particular, the world's largest postal operator Japan Post, as well as Poste Italiane) on full-scale participation in the insurance business and the provision of insurance services on its own behalf.

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On the site post.kz you can find the index of any cities in Kazakhstan. Postal codes of Kazakhstani cities are Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Uralsk, Shymkent, Semey, Turkestan, Taldykorgan, Taraz, Kyzylorda, Kostanay, Ekibastuz, Rudny, Kokshetau, Temirtau, Petropavlovsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Other cities, districts, urban-type settlements and villages also have their own indexes, which you can find on the website www.post.kz. Kazpost postal code is a sequence of letters or numbers added to the postal address in order to facilitate sorting of correspondence and parcels, including automatic. It is assigned by the national postal operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Kazpost JSC. You can find the postal code of any building in Kazakhstan by simply entering the name of the settlement (city, region, urban-type settlement or village, for example) in the search field. Postal code search is a convenient service. Look for postal code on Post.kz!


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