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International cooperation

International collaboration

The priority direction of international activity of “Kazpost” JSC is membership in the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which promotes the expansion of cooperation with other participants of world postal sector, improvement of services quality and increase of efficiency. “Kazpost” JSC is a member of Association of the state postal operators Posteurop of Europe, the Regional commonwealth in the field of Communications (RSS). At the same time, national postal operator of Kazakhstan develops the collaboration with foreign postal administrations (FPA) in a bilateral way.

Universal Postal Union

In 2014 at autumn session of Postal Operations Council and Administrative Council of the Universal Postal Union, “Kazpost” JSC has been awarded by certificate for the best-realized project "Automation of Streams of Client Line". The project has been financed at the expense of Quality of Service Fund among member countries of UPU and has been included at list of best projects.

At the end of 2014 the license agreement on integration of information systems was signed between “Kazpost” JSC and UPU that allows “Kazpost” JSC to be connected to the system of mail tracking and continue of using the IPS light programs and STEFI system of money transfers. On April and November, 2015 “Kazpost” JSC delegation took part in the regular sessions of Postal Operations Council and Administrative Council of UPU that were held in Bern (Switzerland).

On October 6-7, 2015 the international educational seminar on work with large customers with participation of representatives from 21 countries of Europe and CIS took place in Astana. The organizers of event were “Kazpost” JSC, the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union. The purpose of the international seminar was increasing of professional knowledge in the field of interaction with large customers.

PostEurop Association

Within UPU Kazakhstan builds the vector relations, covering certain geoeconomic zones. In 2010 the entry to Association of state postal operators of Europe has opened new prospects for the Republic of Kazakhstan by entering on European market and studying the European experience of effective postal service creation.

On June, 2014 the visit of experts from Association of the European postal operators of PostEurop has taken place for making the analysis of production processes of sorting centers, post offices of “Kazpost” JSC.

Earlier 4 projects (events) for the improvement of quality service have been offered by the experts. The company has officially chosen for implementing the International project and Quality project from the presented 4 projects. At the same time, other offered projects on technology have been also included to the working plan of the relevant branches.

Following the results of carried-out assessment, experts have highly appreciated the work that has been done and the implemented projects. For example, for reducing labor costs and expenses, and integrated delivery postal offices have been created for convenience of clients, control delivery period of ordinary letter mail was determined, and also many other offers of advisory nature have been implemented for the improvement of postal quality services of “Kazpost” JSC.

On September, 2014 in San Marino (the Republic of San Marino) the Plenary Assembly of PostEurop was held where it has been declared regarding the transferring “Kazpost” JSC from the second class of contributions to the fifth class, that means the improvement of company activity.

Regional commonwealth in the field of Communications (RSS)

The membership in the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications that unit the countries arisen in former Soviet Union allows our state to build mutually beneficial relations in postal service field with postal organizations of the independent states in a quickly changing social and economic conditions.

The active position of “Kazpost” JSC at work of RSS provides the continuous coordination among the member countries of Commonwealth, exchange of best practices, development of unification programs of information-communication and postal technologies. In addition, the parties working on increasing safety of postal exchange between member countries of RSS form the unified position in other international organizations by common efforts.

On October 8, 2015 the 40th joint meeting of the RSS Commission on postal service and the 29th meeting of RSS Council of postal service operators with participation of RSS commission members on postal service, members of RSS Council of postal service operators, representatives of RSS Executive committee and International Bureau of the UPU has taken place in Astana.

Questions regarding the preparation for the 26th Congress of the UPU (September-October, 2016, Istanbul, Turkey), the results of the UPU POC session, the course of implementation the Agreement of Administrations of the Regional commonwealth in the field of Communications in organization of stamp release on RSS subject, etc. have been considered on a meeting.

Also, questions regarding the preparation for celebration of 25th anniversary from the date of RSS formation and updating the work Plans for 2013 - 2016 RSS commission on postal service, RSS Council of postal service operators and the Working groups at RSS Council of postal service operators have been discussed.

Bilateral collaboration

Within the bilateral collaboration and extension of contacts in 2015, the following events were implemented:

On January 21-23, 2015 the visit of Lithuania Post delegation took place in Astana. The number of working meetings with structural divisions of Company were held. The transit mail questions have been considered on a meeting. On January 22-24, 2015 the visit of the Company delegation took place in Moscow. The several numbers of processing facilities of the designated operators of the Russian Federation "Russian Post" have been visited for studying the creation of logistic system experience, work of hybrid e-mail.

In February, delegation of “Toshiba” company gave the visit (The Councilor of the Head department of postal automation (Japan), the Director of postal and logistic systems development (USA) and the Director of "Toshiba" industrial and infrastructure equipment department CIS (Russia). Delegates of the company have visited processing facilities in Almaty and Astana. The delegates have presented development processes and deployment of sorting centers.

At the beginning of June the Chairman of the management board of “Kazpost” JSC, Mr. B. Mussin visited the United Arab Emirates for signing the memorandum between Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates regarding the joint stamps release devoted to the development of the Kazakh-Arabic relationships. The heads of states – the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev and the President of the United Arab Emirates sheikh Khalifa bin Zaid Al Nakhayan were represented on stamps. The ceremony of signing the Memorandum of joint stamps release has taken place on June 9 of current year in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.

On September 10, of current year the meeting of Company’s representatives with representatives of the “Investment Hong Kong” Company took place. The purpose of the meeting was the discussion of interaction on investments cooperation. The following questions have been considered on a meeting:

  • the economic zone of the Silk road and the possibility of its realization, using advantages of Hong Kong;

  • the practical aspects of business organization in Hong Kong for maintenance of activity on the territory of the People's Republic of China;

  • opportunities for attraction of the capital in Hong Kong;

  • discussion of opportunities of joint events realization for advance of the Republic of Kazakhstan business opportunities in Hong Kong and China and vice versa.

On September 18-19, 2015 the meeting of “Kazpost” JSC representatives, the Committee of communication, informatization and information of investments and development Ministry of RK with delegation of the regulator in the field of communication of the People's Republic of China took place in Astana and Almaty. The meeting has been organized for discussion of cooperation questions in development of postal service.

From September 27 to October 2 the visit of the Chairman of the management board of “Kazpost” JSC, Mr. B. Mussin took place in Paris and Berlin for the participation at international Postexpo-2015 exhibition and visit of processing facilities of Postal administrations of France and Germany.

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