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Issues of labor protection and safety at the workplace are given special attention. All measures on this issue are aimed at ensuring safety, preserving the life and health of workers. Monitoring is carried out in the field of safety and labor protection. Development and adoption of internal documents aimed at improving working conditions, introducing safe technologies, personal protection, establishing procedures for recording accidents at work, compliance with legislation in the field of labor safety and protection, etc.

The main principles in the field of safety and labor protection are: the safety of the life and health of the employee; preventing the harmful effects of production factors on the health of the employee; protection of workers' rights to working conditions; ensuring coordinated actions with territorial divisions and representatives of the regulator; completeness and reliability of information on the state of safety and labor protection.

A unified goal-setting system was introduced in the field of labor protection management, in particular, they approved a program to improve culture and improve the system of labor protection and safety measures, and new functional key performance indicators. An obligatory accident insurance contract has been concluded for the employee in the performance of his labor (official) duties, and an annual contract has been concluded for voluntary medical insurance of sorters in case of illness.

Orders were issued regulating labor protection issues, including issues of responsibility for the operation of electrical installations, production equipment; issues of preventing occupational injuries and minimizing industrial accidents. Appropriate instructions, policies, and rules governing workplace safety have been approved. Annually, the “Week of Occupational Safety and Health”, “Health Day”, “Donor Day”, and “Occupational Safety and Health Day” are held.

In the process of activity, each employee is provided with instructions establishing safety measures during work. The instructions contain general safety requirements, including requirements before, during and after work, as well as safety requirements in emergency situations. The safety and labor protection service is responsible for ensuring coordination of all activities and issues to achieve the goals in labor protection, safety and health of workers. Makes proposals for the modernization of safety and labor protection, implements measures to analyze the internal and external environment. It monitors the timeliness and completeness of identifying and responding to incidents on safety and labor protection.

Approved mini-programs, each of which is a set of production, organizational and other measures to improve working conditions and reduce production risk. The goal is to increase employee involvement, the effectiveness of the communication process in the field of labor protection and safety at the workplace. According to the results of the implementation, it is expected to increase compliance with legislation on safety and labor protection, reduce occupational injuries.

These mini-programs cover the following areas in the field of safety and labor protection: prevention of ergonomic and musculoskeletal injuries associated with manual control; raising the awareness of property owners about security; mail delivery security in rural areas; improving the psychological health of workers; developing a safety culture.

On issues of labor protection and safety at the workplace, regular training is conducted. The training takes place on the basis of the Republican State Enterprise "Republican Research Institute for Labor Protection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population." In 2019, 24 branch labor protection specialists were trained on the topics: “Safety and labor protection at enterprises”, “Industrial safety at enterprises”, and “Electrical safety”. Based on the results of training and knowledge testing, certificates, certificates with access to work in electrical installations as administrative and technical personnel with the right to inspect, industrial safety certificates were obtained.

The employees of the central office safety and labor protection service took part in the 9th Kazakhstan International Conference “KIOSH”, dedicated to the World Labor Protection Day. Caring for the health of an employee is paramount in ensuring safety at the workplace. As mentioned above, “Health Day”, “Donor Day”, “Occupational Safety Safety Week” are annually celebrated within which any employee can undergo a medical examination and donate blood at will. A screening of videos on first aid is organized. Representatives of private and public medical institutions are participating. In 2019, such organizations as participated: Family Doctor LLP, Jean-Nur Medical Center, Center

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